1. YAY! An actual post! 

    Anyway, this was a completely 100% recycled/upcycled project.  My family and friends are huge fans of wine, so I collected enough corks for a few months.  I took the cardboard from boxes that were going to be thrown away.  The cotton string was leftover from previous projects and the ribbon is from a holiday fruits basket!

    Step One: Print out or trace your state (or prefecture or region or county, etc.).  And then, cut it out.  :p

    Step Two : Trace state onto cardboard (or any other sturdy backing material) and cut out.

    Step Three: Glue corks to fix state’s shape. (Recommend cutting the corks in half. 

    This sucker is a gift for my mother who just received a promotion and new office to match!  I thought it would be a nice accent~! <3

  2. Just a random close up shot of the decoupage work!  Here’s the link to the tutorial again: http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-decoupage-floral-bag/

    Check it out! :)

  3. Sorry for the lack of updates!  My life has taken a complete 180 since I’ve started studying for the GMATs and my tutoring business took off.

    Anyway, I was missing spring like everyone else in the Northern Hemisphere and I saw this amazing tutorial on Honestly WTF: DIY.

    I strongly suggest checking her page out for instructions!

    I will tell you that I used a bag I bought from ASOS (Sold out.  Sorry…) and  Japanese Kimono Fabric scraps.  IMO, I thought it was much easier to cut out!

    Have fun and Happy Spring!

  4. I have wanted a kotatsu since…. FOREVER!  But they are really expensive.  INSANELY EXPENSIVE.  I was able to make mine from mostly recycled materials and only shelled out money for the heating unit.

    Step One: Get a low table (any length).  Ikea, Target and Walmart may have what you are looking for but, start with Salvation Army or any other local thrift.  You should be able sit under and maneuver out from the table comfortably and easily.

    I, literally, found mine on the street.  Someone was throwing it away.  I fixed leg, cleaned it off and got to work!

    Step Two (Optional!): I HATED THE ORIGINAL COLOR SO MUCH!!!  So, using a power sander (You can do it by hand with sandpaper or a sanding block.), I stripped the original stain off.  Stained it with a new color.  Sanded it once more to get rid of any fly aways.  Stained it three more times.  Then, I finished with a clear varnish. 

    Since I work for a real estate/construction company, they had leftover stain on hand but you can find stain you like easily at E-bay, Home Depot, Loews, or any other paint supply store.

    Step Three: I bought my kotatsu heater from this E-bay vender for round $80. Using brackets and screws, I secured the heater to the bottom of the table with a power drill.

    Step Four: I was lucky enough to have been gifted my kotatsu blanket set from when I lived overseas.  However, you can easily just buy quilts or comforters at a local thrift or department store.  Rakuten.co.jp has official kotatsu blankets for cheap BUT it’s the shipping cost that will get you… :p

    Anyway, throw your blanket on top and your table top and you’re done! (My table top actually came from some old restaurant furnishings.  I do plan on buying, cutting and staining one to match in the future, but for now, this will have to do!)


  5. chibiactionhero:


    diy destiel prototype I am working on.  Ms. Coulson is modeling it for her mama.

    COULSON, YOU’RE ADORABLE BEYOND WOOOOORDS. Also, dude, I totally need one of those.

    (via golden-horses-like-pears)

  6. thesleepydog:

    A big BIG (and delayed) thank you to the lovely Kim of livediediy.tumblr.com!

    I finally got home today which meant I finally got to open her package!

    Everything is super great, but I gotta admit that I squealed with delight when I saw the lovely Sherlock jacket drink cozy! Now I’m officially ready for season 3!


    You’re making me blushhh~!

  7. golden-horses-like-pears:

    I was inspired by this amazing tutorial to re-purpose a scarf my someone had given to me last year.  I kept the bows flat and vertical so as not to clash with the pattern.  And I only used the one scarf.  I love the golden heart buttons!  They were a fun touch that really brought out the gold thread… This is one super Japanese boutique looking scarf… Totally could find something like this at Red Moon when I lived in Okinawa…

    Not the best seamtress but it made for a fun activity on a dreary, slow day!

    (via )

  8. デコラカボチャ!  HAUTE-COUTURE POTIRON (Is that right?  I don’t speak French…). BLINGED-OUT PUMPKINS! 

    Carving is awesome but there is nothing wrong with trying something new!

    Step One: Clean the surface of your pumpkin with a moist paper towel or rag and then dry.  Coat with Mod Podge using a foam brush.

    Step Two: In a box of some kind, gently sprinkle glitter onto your pumpking, turning the box to get each side.  Let dry.  Then, repeat Steps One and Two as many times as needed until your pumpkin is sufficiently covered (Mine mostly was but I ran out of glitter. :x)!

    Step Three: Using E6000 or Zap-a-Gap glue, fasten SPARKLETS gems onto glittered pumpkin and let dry.

    And you’re done!  Make as many as you like!  I plan on mix my glittery creations with candles to make a festive center piece for an upcoming Halloween party~!  Enjoy!

  9. 10/5/13 Update: Fixed the pictures!  Such a beautiful day! :)

    Two weeks ago, I made and sold these earrings at a local arts fair and they were very popular!  So, now I am going to share my “recipe” with you.

    Step One: Paint your bird charms with nail polish and let dry!

    Step Two: Cut two equal length of chain to thread through your noodle beads.  Remember, the longer the chain, the longer the swing.  I recommend no more than an inch.

    Step Three: After your bird charms are dry, place jump rings on them.  Link one end of your thread noodle bead onto another open jump ring.  Then, cut and attach 3/4 inch of chain to your bird charm and thread onto open jump ring.  Finally, thread other end of the noodle bead onto to the open jump ring and close using pliers.

  10. I bought these bikini bottoms (sold out) from ASOS and they had a huge, black rose on the hip and it made me look insane.

    So, I cut it off.  Slapped some E6000 glue onto a random hair comb I had lying around and BAM!: hair decoration.